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We are a group of young and passionate IT professionals with the purpose of providing expert services in the fields of web,software development & designing with our innovative ideas and cutting edge technologies into the business of customers.We pride ourselves on using a modern workflow and industry best practices to craft modern solutions to our clients.We are one of the leading web & software and designing firms in Guwahati.

We,Erycoders are offering advanced training in PHP-MySQL COURSES in Guwahati, through its dedicated placement partner i.e. "PHP Training Kolkata". We offer highly forefront and sophisticated learning in PHP-MySQL COURSES. Our PHP training is highly appreciated and acclaimed by many meaning you can become well trained in PHP-MySQL course while pursuing courses in our institute.

Our PHP Training Institute Faculty

Our institute is run by IT professionals having expert knowledge in web design and web development.. They offer immense practical learning and training in web design and web development. Our faculty is very supportive and renders friendly working environment to the students which stimulate their growth in a positive manner in the field of web design and web development.

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Web design and development courses here at our institute empower our students with tremendous job potentials..According to recent IT market statistics when it comes to hiring of a web development or web designing professional, companies are becoming incredibly choosy. Majority of IT companies are looking for web employees with specific skill sets and potential knowledge over the field.

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PHP-MySQL training program

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Level 1

  • Basic Networking,How Internet works,Language Intro, What is DNS server,Web server,FTP server and HTTP server
  • How and what requries to create a website,difference between dynamic website and static website.
  • Small discussion with current technology and benefits of PHP

Level 2

  • Basic HTML Tags with practical
  • HTML Table,iFrame concept
  • Basic Css Ideas with example(External,embeded,inline)

Level 3

  • Introduction to javascript
  • Basic Concept and use of javascript
  • Program with Registration form with javascript validation
  • Introduction to JQUERY
  • JQUERY Selecters
  • How to use JQUERY functions

Level 4

  • Introduction to PHP variables with all data types,auto type casting
  • PHP operators
  • Conditional structure with practice
  • Flow control with small practice
  • Small program with conditions

Level 5

  • PHP array
  • Associative array,Numeric array
  • Single dimensional array,multi dimensional array
  • Foreach for array
  • Array function
  • Small program with array example

Level 6

  • Intro server variables
  • Small program with image upload
  • Program with student result image

Level 7

  • Introduction to functions
  • Discuss with few important string function
  • Date & time function
  • How to create user defined function
  • Include,Require,Include_once,Require_once
  • Program with simple calculator

Level 8

  • File handling(Read-write-update-delete)
  • Small practice on file handling
  • Directory handling(Create-read-delete)
  • A program with files and directory handling including image upload(use txt file as database)

Level 9

  • Intro PHP session
  • Use of PHP session(discussion)
  • Login/Logout program
  • Small program of product shopping cart

Level 10

  • Tips & tricks to search google to resolve problems
  • Introduction to forums,blogs,pages,in order to search stuffs
  • Mail program
  • Javascript readymade programs
  • Free CSS Templates

Level 11

  • Intro with MySQL
  • Basic concept of database designing
  • Intro to PHPMyAdmin

Level 12

  • Create a database to perform MySQL stuffs
  • MySQL queries
  • MySQL clauses and operators and functions

Level 13

  • Practice with joining

Level 14

  • MySQL in PHP(database connection)
  • Difference between MySQL_connect and p_connect
  • Program to run queries and fetch database
  • MySQL fetch queries

Level 15

  • Client interface and Admin interface concept
  • MySQL program to ADD/DIT/UPDATE into category and product table
  • Dream project at home

Level 16

  • PHP modules intro and GD basics for captcha
  • Ready made script practice
  • pagination,Captcha images,Mail program,Editor
  • Etc etc

Level 17

  • Complete PHP classes and object
  • AJAX examples
  • Eligible for interviews

Level 18

  • START LIVE PROJECT -if required, generally student gets placed before this.
  • Folder structure for website
  • c-panel idea
  • Database setup
  • File uploads
  • Payment gateway(
  • PHP securities

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Our Partner

PHP KOLKATA have been providing PHP training for candidates to help them jump start their career in the IT sector since 2007.They have placed over 1200 PHP programmers successfully in Kolkata.They have a record of more than 200 registered website development companies. This makes it easier for us to offer you enough opportunities to enter into the IT world without inconvenience. Just complete the PHP-MySQL training course with us, and PHP KOLKATA will arrange interviews with the best available opportunities in this sector.